This Bait Caster Can Lift 10,000 Grams!

This Bait Caster Can Lift 10,000 Grams!

Baitcaster rods are built with the reel on the top, just above a trigger grip. A decent grip will allow you to keep your hands steady as well as enhance your ability to keep your catch under control when you’re fighting it. And a high quality grip will allow you to maintain control even if your hands are wet and slippery. Some baitcaster rods are better than others.


The kinds of material used throughout can differ greatly (fibreglass, graphite, etc.), as well as the manufacturing process and even the quality of the line guides on the rod.

The Pelagic Insanity 5FT6 8-12LB Baitcaster Rod is one of the top rods on the market today, so let’s talk about what makes it so great…

Pelagic Extreme Insanity Baitcaster Rod – The Pelagic Insanity rod was made after 18 months of research and development. It’s a premium baitcaster rod that can be used for heavy fishing applications, and for fish that pack a lot of fight. The rod contains PBO fibre, high modulus carbon, and Nano technology, and it’s built tough. To prove just how tough it is, the company tested it out by hooking it to a bucket of water. The results? It was able to withstand 10 kg when deadlifting the bucket (22 lbs)! Your everyday baitcaster rods don’t even come close to having the ability to deadlift that much weight.

Here are some other awesome specs for the Pelagic Insanity rod:

  • Cast weight: 10-25 grm
  • Casting line guides: 8 custom SiC and 1 tip
  • Line guide frames: made of stainless steel
  • Graphite trigger reel seat
  • Zylon blank design with reinforced Nano technology
  • PBO tensile strength: 7 GPA
  • Tensile modulus elasticity: 300-400 GPA
  • Hybrid composition to enhance strength and durability
  • Comfortable non-slip grips
  • Length: 5 feet 6 inches, or 1.65 meters

The Insanity baitcaster rod by Premium Fishing is suitable for overhead baitcaster reels and is more than sufficient for fishing tournaments. It comes in an attractive premium black finish with a red and black pattern on the wrapping.

Other Great Baitcasting Rods – Premium Fishing manufactures a good amount of baitcasting rods for every fishing occasion, from starter rods to top-of-the-line. The Pelagic Pro 6FT 6KG Hypa-Cerveza doesn’t quite have the deadlift power of the previous rod, but it’s another great one for tournaments and sport fishing because it’s built with titanium line guides, a hypatex graphite core and design, and has a 5-25g cast weight. The hypatex composition allows the rod better durability and responsiveness when reeling. It also has comfortable tournament-ready EVA grips that will give you a solid grip even with wet hands.

But the high performance rods aren’t for everyone. If all you need is a starter baitcasting rod for low profile reels, check out the Pelagic Extreme BC-Pistol Baitcaster rod (5FT6 4-6KG). Made mainly with fibreglass, this baitcaster still packs a punch. It’ll work great for a number of fishing applications. It has 8 high SiC line guides and a stainless steel frame and a contoured EVA sports grip. The graphite reel seat is made of top-quality graphite that’s ideal for flexing and resistance to pressure.

More specifications:

  • Length: 5 feet, 6 inches, or 1.7 meters
  • Weight: 4-6 kg
  • Red and silver pattern on the rod
  • Top-of-the-line finish and reel fit

When choosing a baitcaster rod, keep the application, fit, construction, and quality in mind. You might also want to pay attention to the flexibility of the rod when shopping around, depending on your application. For example, if you want to perform jigging techniques, you’ll want to look for a fast-action rod that will bend in the top one-third of the length of the rod. However, a rod that provides an average amount of action (sometimes called medium action rods) will be more effective if you want to get maximum distance when casting. The flexibility will allow for a longer cast.

This Rod Will Impress Your Friends – When you fish, you want to do it with your friends at your side. (Is there any other way to do it?) But you also want to fish in style — and that’s where the Insanity Extreme bait caster rod comes in. It can be used for a variety of applications including lakes, oceans, and streams.

Check this out and happy fishing!

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