This Brazilian Woman Has A Secret Method For Catching Piranhas!

This Brazilian Woman Has A Secret Method For Catching Piranhas!

Piranha fishing is an exciting experience that most will never forget, some may even become addicted to the excitement. In some cases – catching the fish doesn’t even require a reel. Fishermen find success by simply dipping a strand of chicken in the water, then when the piranha begins to bite on it, just pull the bait out and shake it over a bucket as the piranha start to fall in…


Other options for for Piranha fishing include using a standard pole, line and bait method. Even though these fish are small, a stronger line is preferred so the piranha can’t bite through it.

Typically, a 20-pound line is sufficient. Unlike typical fishing, when fishing piranha, it is actually good to make a lot of noise.

This actually attracts the piranha instead of repelling them like other fish. Many fishers like to splash around with their poles as this makes the piranha believe there may be a wounded fish in the area. Therefore, the piranha comes rushing over ready to bite. Some people like to call this “water prepping.” Another thing to consider when fishing predatory fish is the location. Once a good fishing spot is established, it is your secret spot. Fishing fanatics will generally keep their location a secret so that every time they come back, the fish will be biting.

One of the best locations for fishing these carnivorous fish is the Royal Charlotte Bank. The Royal Charlotte Bank is known for having some of the most incredible creatures in the world. One less common way to fish piranhas is by simply using a fish net. Obviously, the problem with that is the piranha will typically eat right through the net. Some fishers like the idea of just using two nets. The piranha may bite through the first net, but they can dump them into a bucket before they get through the second one.

There are many people who love to catch the carnivorous types of fish. It is very exciting and usually a wonderful experience. There are some things to consider when attempting to catch these amazing fish. First, the fishing reel plays a very important factor. A Spinning reel or a baltcasting reel both will typically work well with these types of fish. The baltcasting is a more accurate reel and can handle a high amount of abuse throughout the day. It can also handle heavier lines very well. The main problem with a baltcasting reel is the difficulty in using one properly. It is usually recommended for beginners to start out with other types of reels. The spinning-reel is easier to use than the baltcasting and is also very effective for fishing carnivorous types of fish. The main problem with these reels is that they can’t handle lines of 20 pounds or more very well. The piranha will generally be able to bite through the lighter test lines used with spinning reels.

Although, these are the best types of fishing reels, fishing for these fish doesn’t always require using a reel. As shown by this Brazilian piranha expert, take a look at this piranha catching pro at work.

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