The Most Expensive Koi Fish In The World Is Worth Over $60,000…

The Most Expensive Koi Fish In The World Is Worth Over $60,000…

Japanese breeders saw a new potential in Koi and bred them for their vivid colors, something the Chinese had never done before. Chinese rice farmers had simply raised Koi as a food source. Between the 1820’s-1830’s, however, the Chinese finally began to recognize the beauty and potential of the Koi and began breeding them for their vibrant colors, as Japanese already did.


The Japanese are therefore given credit for Koi fish breeding for color first, thus the fish is named the Japanese Koi Fish.

Popularity for the Koi quickly spread to countries around the world. Today the Koi is considered by many as “the most desirable fish in the world.” Many Americans enjoy Koi fish in their own backyards.

How To Build Your Own Koi Pond –  Koi are simply beautiful and a bit addictive. Once you get started, you’ll likely want more. With this in mind, most beginners start by building a pond that contains about 500 to 2000 gallons. If your love for Koi continues to develop, you might eventually build another anywhere from 10,0000 to 50,000 gallons.

Keep in mind that a 2000 gallon pond is only appropriate for approximately 20 full grown Koi, and even that will involve lots of aeration and filtration.  Once you establish the size, there are a few other factors to keep in mind when planning your pond.

  • Ensure that your pond will be at least 4′ deep. This will keep out most raccoons, well known Koi predators.
  • Herons are other known predators, so also choose a geometrical shape for your pond that is conducive to a bird net. One heron can eat over one hundred Koi in one meal.
  • Plan a location for your pond that is shaded from direct sunlight. Beware, however, of overhanging trees, which can mean needles and leaves frequently drifting in.
  • Consider plants with plant stands and water lilies.

Are All Koi This Expensive? Which Koi Fish Are The Best?

People often wonder which is the best variety of Koi.  There’s no right answer here, as the best variety is dependent on you. To determine which type is best for you, consider body/fin shape, pattern, and color. Budget will also play a role in your decision, but ultimately the best Koi for you is the one that’s most pleasing to your eye. After all, you are the one that will be admiring and caring for the fish in your pond. There are many types of Koi, which are distinguished by color, patterns, and scalation. Below are the most common varieties:

Hikari UtsuriUtsurimonoHikarimuji

How do I ensure water quality in my Koi pond?

There should be much thought given to water quality when  planning a Koi pond.  Pond water quality is not only essential for planning, but also for maintenance if your Koi are to remain healthy.  A pond itself is comparative to a mini-ecosystem.  Consider the following ideas for a healthy Koi pond.

Larger Ponds: There is a strong correlation between pond water volume and water quality. The larger the pond, the more likely the water parameters will be stable.

Effective Filtration Systems: Water volume should turn over at least two times every hour in an efficient filtration system. Make sure filtration system includes biological filtration, which breaks down nitrogen waste products. 

Aerate: Koi are coldwater fish, so they need water with a highly dissolved oxygen content. This is especially critical in summer when the weather is warm. Air to water contact can be increased through aeration devices or with water fountains or waterfalls.

Appropriate Food in Proper Proportions: If your Koi leave uneaten food, this will greatly interfere with the pond’s water quality. Use Koi food that is seasonally appropriate and only in calculated amounts.

Are there special considerations for breeding or showing Koi fish?

Koi lovers will want to be sure and catch this brief clip, where you’ll hear two experts discuss Koi shows and learn what characteristics Koi breeders are looking for in these special fish. Also featured, Koi aficionados  will admire the “van Gogh of all Koi:” a 32-inch, 8 year-old Koi with an exceptional pattern.

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