What Happens When You Ice Fish With Fireworks?

What Happens When You Ice Fish With Fireworks?

Yet even seasoned anglers are typically surprised to learn that fishermen around the world have developed some striking variations on traditional fishing. The following are four of the most interesting examples out there: The electrocution technique –  This bizarre fishing method came out of the United States in the 1950s. Two fishermen in Alabama developed the electrocution technique while fishing on the Tennessee River.


Using an old telephone that worked via a hand-crank mechanism, these fishermen succeeded in electrocuting fifty pounds of catfish…

Dead fish simply popped up and surrounded their boat so that they could collect them and take them home.

This extremely easy method of catching large numbers of fish was featured in Sports Illustrated in 1954. However, the method is now illegal in most states.

The kite fishing technique – Kite fishing is a fishing technique that is quite commonly used in some parts of the world. The technique involves flying a kite over a body of water that drops a line into the water with bait or a lure at the end. If the bait is taken, the kite will immediately fall to the surface of the water, signaling that it’s time for the fisherman to reel in. This technique has traditionally been popular in New Zealand.  However, kite fisherman can now also be witnessed from time to time in fishing spots as far-flung as Melbourne and Florida. It is sometimes used in the Carribbean too by fishermen looking to catch sailfish.

The remote control fishing technique – Some fishermen from all over the world have had success fishing via remote control boat. If a line is connected to a remote control boat that is driven out into the water, the line can reach great distances and make it more likely that a fisherman will succeed with a catch. This method has become somewhat well known in certain parts of the United States, and it’s catching on elsewhere as well.

Fishing with avian assistance – If you ever find yourself in China, you might want to witness this extraordinary fishing method. Fishermen in the Guangxi province have learned to train cormorants to assist them at fishing efforts. On China’s Li river, fishermen are able to catch fish by tying a rope around the cormorants neck so that the cormorant cannot swallow fish after catching them. Then, the fishermen reel in the cormorant and take the fish for themselves.

Fishing the old fashioned way – Of course, most anglers are going to do things with a good old-fashioned rod, reel, and bait setup. If you’re fishing for success, you need to have the right equipment. Choosing your rod and reel involves analyzing what kind of fishing you’re doing. If you’re fishing for catfish, give the Pflueger Patriarch XT Spinning Reel a try. This reel is considered to be one of the lightest spinning reels out there, and this means that it offers superior control, and ergonomics for catfish fishing.

Trout fishermen need a rod that can stand up to the hard upper mouth of a trout. They should combine a long, sturdy rod with a Shimano 1500 reel model.

Ice fishermen should check out Eagle Claw’s line of inline ice fishing reels. These reels offer the smooth Teflon drag and slightly heavier weight that’s perfect for ice fishing for bass and walleye in freshwater locations.

The above mentioned techniques may seem unusual, but perhaps the strangest is yet to come. If you’d like to observe some bizarre fishing for yourself, check this out. In the clip, two young fishermen brave the frigid Swedish winter with the assistance of what just might be some leftover New Year’s fireworks.

Though you’ll have to speak Swedish to understand the commentary, it’s is amusing enough even if it’s all Greek to you.

Of all types of fishing, perhaps ice fishing is the technique most associated with boredom. But these youngsters liven things up by blasting the ice loose with some pyrotechnics that have obviously delighted both fishermen and viewers who have checked out their spectacle for themselves.

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