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At we consider ourselves the fisherman’s best friend. We take great pride in the relationship we’ve built with fishermen around the world. From fishing enthusiasts to people that just love the outdoors – people send us their stories and we are always happy to share. is a place where you can brag about the big one you caught.  It’s a place you can visit to learn about new fishing gear, or how to maximize the potential in your current gear.  Even the most experienced and saltiest of sea captains can learn something new by talking to other passionate fishermen. RodBobber is your centralized location for all things fishing.  Whether people you’re interested in salt water, fresh water, or people who go on the fishing trip of a lifetime, we’ve got you covered.

Fishing Gear

Fishing gear isn’t cheap.  No one wants to spend money on a product and then find out the hard way that what they have purchased is not all they intended.  RodBobber has test runs on some of the most popular new equipment to hit the market.  Now, not only can you learn if you want to make that purchase, but you can find out the way a new lure, pole, or reel was intended to be used.  And all of this new and exciting information can be found at once website.

Fishing Trips is also a great way to learn about trips.  People who live hours from the ocean may view a trip to fish the ocean as a once in a lifetime opportunity.  RodBobber can help visitors learn if they will be better off chartering a boat, or getting a guide to lead them.  Similarly, visitors can find out what river or lake trips will be worth their time.  There will be stories and videos to help people learn about the experiences others have had, and to help anyone find out where they will most likely get the most bang for their buck. is a new and fun website that lets you look and find the the fishing information you’re interested in.  Whether you want to learn, or if you just can’t get enough videos of watching someone else catch fish, this is the website for you.  Visit us and enjoy and share your fishing experiences.

Each and every fishing article on our website was hand selected for fishermen, by fishermen. Because of this – we know you’ll feel right at home here on our website.